System requirements

Microsoft Windows 7/10 or
Debian GNU/Linux Stretch/Jessie

Minimum setup:
Intel Core2/Atom or AMD Sempron
1Gb ram memory, 200Mb hard drive, 1024x768 screen resolution

Recommended setup:
Intel Core i3 or AMD A4
2Gb ram memory, 200Mb hard drive, 1920x1080 screen resolution

Reader requirements

Zebra® FX9600
Zebra is a registered trademark of ZIH Corp

JADAK® ThingMagic® IZAR & Sargas and variants
ThingMagic is a registered trademark of JADAK

MYLAPS® MX -decoder
MYLAPS is a registered trademark of MYLAPS Sports Timing

Any other reader equipment through our General LLRP 1.1 support
Check from device documentation whether your equipment supports LLRP 1.1

To order J2Chrono software contact our sales!
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To order hardware please contact manufacturer resellers.
Enymind Oy does not resell hardware directly to end-customers.

SMARTRAC and DogBone are registered trademarks of ©SMARTRAC N.V.

J2Chrono J2Chrono, a result service application server
ChronoFly ChronoFly, a timeline software
LiveDisplay LiveDisplay, a realtime result screen on event site
ChronoLive ChronoLive, a realtime Internet result platform
Passive tag Passive transponder attached to a vehicle