Versatile application for sports timing and timekeeping environments.

Why support just one RFID result service hardware when we can support all of them? The power of J2Chrono application family is the ability to use different piece of reader or other hardware simultaneously even in a same race providing a result service timing never seen before.

We are supporting several manufacturer's RFID devices and readers.

Prices starting at 250€ per. year for clubs.

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Some sports needs only one timeline while others need multiple. With J2Chrono timekeeping software family one can create almost any combination of finish timelines, sector-timelines, time-check timelines, etc.

Example sports: Triathlon, Enduro, Rally

Triathlon, Enduro, Rally

Route 1

Participants, speed: < 1 000, < 120km/h
Hardware technology: Passive tags
Software: J2Chrono for route based sports
Timelines: Multiple start and finish timelines + multiple time-check timelines

Example sports: Motocross, Snowmobile, Go-kart, Formula

Motocross, Snowmobile, GoKart, Formula

Track 1

Participants, speed: 1-200, < 260km/h
Hardware technology: Active transponders
Software: J2Chrono for track based sports
Timelines: 1 finish timeline + multiple sector timelines

Example sports: Skiing, Marathon, Horserace

Skiing, Marathon, Horserace

Track 2

Participants, speed: 200 <, < 160km/h
Hardware technology: Passive tags
Software: J2Chrono for track based sports
Timelines: 1 start timeline and 1 finish timeline + multiple sector timelines

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ChronoLive ChronoLive, a realtime Internet result platform
J2Chrono J2Chrono, a result service application server
Reporting Reporting, a result service management and publishing software
ChronoFly ChronoFly, a timeline software
LiveDisplay LiveDisplay, a realtime result screen on event site
Passive tag Passive transponder attached to a vehicle